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Component Prices
We've decided to buck the trend and take a whole new approach to component prices.

We want to do you a service. We have a wide range of components readily available. What we are basically offering is the equivalent parts that you can find anywhere else, but for less of your hard-earned cash!

So go hunting for the best price you can find for the components you are looking for and then fill out the form below and we will supply equivalent parts, cheaper!!!

Make sure you tell us the components you are interested in, as well as the price you've seen it advertised and who was selling it. It is very important you include the advertiser so we can verify the price - silly submissions will simply be deleted - include the exact address of the web page if possible.

Midland PC Services Components
Please fill in all the fields, otherwise we won't be able to get back to you!

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Component Details:
Please fill as much information as possible, including price and vendor. If you have seen this advertised on a web site, include the web address and part id if possible, so we can verify the price and match up it properly.

Before clicking on submit, verify the information above and make a copy for your records. We will endeavour to respond within 72 hours, confirming the information above and offering you the equivalent part/s, cheaper. Incomplete or silly submissions will be deleted.


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